It only lasts a few seconds,
When I awaken from my restless night of tears and cries,
I smile,
This forgetting is bliss,
I role over expecting to catch a glimpse,
Of your smile,
Of your morning eyes shining back at me,
For a second I wait for you to greet me from my sleeping,
But it only lasts for a moment,
Before my heart shatters all over again.


Your mother always told you it’s a blessing,

To love with such intensity you make the stars quiver,

Question their power in your hearts presence,

You bring the day to its knees every night,

Make the stars and the moon collide,

But when our love combined,

It set the world on fire.



You taught me the power of a hot chocolate on a cold early morning,

You taught me the power of healing and moving forward,

You taught me that one look can mean I love you,

And that I should do what makes me happy even when others don’t want to,

You taught me the power of a homemade meal after a long day of exploring,

And when you left,

You taught me the power of mourning.