You have five new likes,

ten comments and four DMs,

twelve new people have requested to follow you,

have looked at your bio and decided they must get to know you,

because you speak two languages and have dark tanned skin,

your body looks peng in that picture,

you look so damn slim,

hey babe what’s your snapchat xx,

watch how they slide into your DMs,

throw compliments at you based on one picture that took 45 attempts,

because the lighting makes you glow,

and that angle is the best,

and by best I mean unrealistic,

I mean your attempt at being perfect,

because all these other girls always look so perfect,

smile so perfect,

are so perfect,

because they get 10,000 likes so,

that must be what we idealise,

I have to be that perfect,

why am I not perfect


I still talk to you,

Imagine the look on your face when I tell you my stories,

When I tell you I made it,

When I tell you I failed,

I still imagine your voice,

Reassuring and strong,

Even if a little weathered,

You were powerful,

Powerful but stubborn,

And you were loving,

You smiled after a million heartbreaks and then smiled some more,

I hope you found your happy ever after,

I hope you finally found your peace,

You will forever be missed.

Wolf Whistle

The hungry eyes of those men,

The ones who drive by slowing down at my side whistling their approval through their salivating teeth,

Seeing my body as a fresh slab of meat,

Women were not made to bow down to predators in such a way,

We gave life to the very men that dismiss the fact that we have a brain,

Because what is a woman if not her body,

Well let me enlighten you,

Women are star crossed lovers,

Who fight to protect those they care for,

Who heal the wounds of those who are there for them,

Women raise children from within,

Women come in all shapes and sizes,

We are not defined by what the boy driving by heckles at our minds,

We are not the weak bodies that these men desire,

Your whistle is simply a reminder,

You cannot handle the strength we inspire.

The Journey Begins

Thank you for taking the time to join me on this journey! I hope my writing has some positive effect on you and your life. I will be posting my poetry and writing and I hope to spread some positivity.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t”. – Rikki Rogers