I was always told,

If you don’t ask you won’t get,

So tell me why,

When he did not ask,

He still got,


He took,

From my mind,

My body,

My soul,

Until there was nothing left for me,

No bruises to heal,

Nor tears to console,

No love left to give,

For if he had asked,

I would have said no,

Turned my back on him,

And let him go.



I still talk to you,

Imagine the look on your face when I tell you my stories,

When I tell you I made it,

When I tell you I failed,

I still imagine your voice,

Reassuring and strong,

Even if a little weathered,

You were powerful,

Powerful but stubborn,

And you were loving,

You smiled after a million heartbreaks and then smiled some more,

I hope you found your happy ever after,

I hope you finally found your peace,

You will forever be missed.